Dick Grayson-Agent 37

RealName = Richard Grayson

Aliases = Robin, Nightwing, Batman


Bruce Wayne (adoptive father),

Jason Todd (adoptive brother),

Tim Drake (adoptive brother)

Damian Wayne (adoptive brother, deceased)

Universe = Prime Earth

Citizenship = American


Dick Grayson is the adopted son of Bruce Wayne, better known as the vigilante Batman. Trained by the Dark Knight himself, Grayson eventually became Batman's sidekick, the first Robin. After Grayson outgrew his role under Batman, he graduated to the role of Nightwing, donning a new costume. However, after the Crime Syndicate came to Earth and caused the Justice League to disappear, they exposed Dick Grayson's secret identity to the world. Still wanting to be hero, Grayson agreed to take up a new identity and work undercover for Batman with a villainous spy agency known as Spyral.

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